You are Making one Mistake and it is Killing Your Sales

death of a salesman

The age-old sales adage, “sell benefits not features” is as true today as ever it was. Selling a complex product by the features is a minefield; just ask the Marketing departments at HTC or Sony trying to do battle with Samsung for Android market share. Tech products have so many features that can be described […]

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How to migrate from Magento Go.


  It’s official; as of February 2015 there will be no more Magento Go. The hosted service will be shut down and anyone operating an e-commerce store on the platform will need to migrate to a self-hosted version of Magento or to another hosted service. You can read the notice on Magento’s website here. This will […]

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The One Thing You Can do Right Now to Make Your Life Better!


All over the world, people are working in offices and on construction sites. Most of these people will be drinking coffee, instant coffee! To be sure, many are drinking tea and for the most part, I am led to believe that tea in bags is satisfactory as a day-to-day beverage. The many millions of workers […]

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The power of contrast in web design


The concept of using contrast in web design is not a new one. For a long time, it has been known that having elements of a design that stand out will draw attention to them. We can see this in lots of examples: logo design, packaging design, movie titles, web pages etc.  Contrast is not […]

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Why beautiful designs also work well

Learjet 31A In Flight

Aesthetic – Usability Effect There is an adage from the pioneering age of jet aviation which is attributed to Bill Lear, the creator of the Lear Jet. “If it looks good it will fly good.” As it turns out, in this is something of a truism. Throughout the history of flight, aircraft designs that were […]

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What do people think when they have visited your website?

holiday picture

The Peak – End Rule Consider this experience of a sunshine holiday… So, you left your car at the long term parking, waited 45 minutes for the Bus to transfer you to the terminal, customs took ages and now it seems your suitcase is the last one off the plane. It isn’t the worst start […]

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5 Reasons why you should still use Facebook tab apps


Almost 2 years ago, Facebook rolled out their new Timeline for pages and with the introduction of those very attractive cover photos, the apps that sit just beneath it would be especially powerful. This has not proved to be the case and empirical evidence indicates that only 0.4% of organic visitors to the timeline visit […]

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Ryan Air, cleaning up its act with better web design

Micheal OLeary

According to this BBC article ( Micheal O’Leary CEO of Ryan Air has taken responsibility for its unnecessarily abrupt culture and vowed to make changes to avoid causing its customers the type of distress that has too often been associated with flying Ryan Air.   No doubt many of those reading [...]

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